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And you’d better
hold me hard
and bring me close,
because I don’t care anymore.
I live on love
you know
    how love
I’ll be drowning forever,
floating forever,
swimming forever,
  wrapped in
eternity waiting,

For love to hold me close.

For love is forever
forever is where I want to be

In love,
In you
In me



These moments
         we last
Through eternity.


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Please, A Whistle

a whistle?
send a whistle,
through amorphous ways
gossamer films coating my ears
covering a withering heart

a whistle?
some sweet sound from your lips?
I ask for no more words –
your delicious words
sitting in wells
have they vanished?
gas swarming my air
are they still there?
were they ever?

a whistle?
some finespun tune
chirping from the beak
a dainty little bird
could you send him?
I’ll sit at my window –
an eternity

a whistle?
come to me aromatic blooms
a rush of air,
let me know you are there
if you have gone…
je t’en prie do not linger me on
whistle your good-bye
so I can keep it close –
a flute wrapping joy,
to remind me evermore

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Any Lucky Penny

Drommoland Castle, one of Ireland’s finest castle hotels, offers guests the experience of living like landed gentry, surrounded by luxury, beauty and service. Dromoland is one of the few estates tracing its history to native Gaelic Irish families of royal heritage. Today, blending old world elegance with modern day comforts, the castle serves as one of the most desired destinations in Europe. Dromoland Castle encourages its guests to explore the woodlands by foot or horseback nearby stables offer horse riding lessons. Guests can also spend time fishing at Dromoland Lake for trout or perch. On the castle’s 375-acre estate, guests can enjoy numerous activities including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, golf, tennis and much more. Through your bedroom window, the grounds of the estate are spread magnificently before your eyes.

Photo: Dromoland Castle hotel Ireland

The Old Course Hotel enjoys a spectacular location overlooking the famous links courses, the West Sands beach and the beautiful Scottish…

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