Please, A Whistle

a whistle?
send a whistle,
through amorphous ways
gossamer films coating my ears
covering a withering heart

a whistle?
some sweet sound from your lips?
I ask for no more words –
your delicious words
sitting in wells
have they vanished?
gas swarming my air
are they still there?
were they ever?

a whistle?
some finespun tune
chirping from the beak
a dainty little bird
could you send him?
I’ll sit at my window –
an eternity

a whistle?
come to me aromatic blooms
a rush of air,
let me know you are there
if you have gone…
je t’en prie do not linger me on
whistle your good-bye
so I can keep it close –
a flute wrapping joy,
to remind me evermore

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